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Network automation is fundamental to delivering exceptional experiences. With manual or semi-automated network management, device onboarding and service activation can take days or weeks. Service deliveries fail. Network failure risk is high. Outages are costly, repairs lengthy. And constant change in traffic patterns makes it impossible to keep up with required configuration changes and guarantee service levels in real time.

Juniper Paragon™ Automation fully addresses these challenges. It optimizes network operations so you can achieve your desired business outcomes, use case by use case. The solution accelerates innovation, increases operational efficiency, and, most importantly, empowers your engineering and operations teams to deliver an amazing service experience.

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Most Innovative Routing and Switching Solution

Juniper Networks Cloud Metro earns the "Editor's Choice" Leading Lights Awards 2022, enabling service providers to build a sustainable future.

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How Juniper can help

Paragon Automation delivers closed-loop automation to assure service experiences throughout your network service lifecycle, from Day 0 to Day 2. Adopt it to speed scenario planning and bullet-proof your network design while reducing CapEx. You’ll accelerate device onboarding and service activation while guaranteeing that services are delivered right the first time and every time. Automated, AI-enabled, service-centric assurance keeps operations ahead of issues and slashes troubleshooting time.

Ready for service in minutes

Paragon Automation’s Device Onboarding as a Service validates hardware and software authenticity, images the latest software, secures zero-touch configuration and provisioning, checks device health and network performance, and updates inventory so your cloud metro devices are fully ready for service in minutes.

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Actively verify service quality

Assure your network’s ability to support service quality before deployment, then continually and automatically validate service performance against service-level objectives. Locate, troubleshoot, and fix service issues before your customers are impacted. Non-intrusive, active test agents provide service-quality metrics, from users to cloud, by running synthetic transactions across the data plane.

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Plan and control traffic

Automate service path placement to meet or exceed service-level objectives, optimize capacity utilization, and avoid network congestion. A topological view lets you make offline changes and run scenario planning without impacting the live network. Automate traffic engineering beyond what standard routing protocols can provide to deliver a best-in-class service experience.

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Increase network resiliency

Measure service quality using active test agents. Normalize data across network domains and vendors using streaming telemetry. Analyze the data using a library of algorithms, including machine learning, and obtain actionable insights on network and service performance. Paragon Automation pinpoints anomalies that would impact contracted service levels and drives closed-loop workflows for remedial action.

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Optimize operations

By using the efficiency of closed-loop, intent-based operations across your entire network and services lifecycle, you can reduce the time it takes to perform common operating tasks, minimize manual process-related errors, and do more with the resources you already have.

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Simplify deployment

Paragon Automation is cloud-ready, providing flexible deployment options. Node clusters can be distributed across multiple data centers for a highly available, redundant, scale-out architecture. Open, standard APIs enable multivendor interoperability, customization, and integration with your environment. Some capabilities, such as automated device onboarding, are also delivered as software as a service (SaaS).

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GARR uses automation to speed network service delivery to Italy’s research and education institutions

Four million people across hundreds of Italian education, research, and cultural organizations rely on GARR for high-performance and advanced network services. To maintain its service excellence while meeting evolving user requirements, GARR is building an automated 40-Tbps nationwide network with Juniper.

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