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Welcome to the Worx Solution Center. Where our team of experts is standing by, ready to answer all of your Worx lawn & garden and power tool questions.

Online support

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Order Tracker

If you were logged into your WORX account when you placed your order and would like to track shipping status, please click the below link.

*If you were not logged in when placing your order, please contact us through chat, phone, or email.

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Returns and Refunds

To check status on your return and your refund, please click the below link.

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Product Registration

Online registration entitles you to manage and view your product warranty.

*For Landroid registration, please use the below link.

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Landroid Support

Find troubleshooting suggestions, answers to frequently asked questions, and helpful videos related to installing and operating your Landroid.

Online Knowledgebase

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Account FAQs

Click the link below to see common questions and answers regarding your Worx account.

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Product FAQs

Click the link below to find Questions and Answers about your product

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Live chat

If you would like to connect with us through chat, please click below link.

Monday - Friday

9:00am - 6:00pm EST

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If you would like to connect with us via phone, please call:

Monday — Friday 

9:00am - 8:15pm EST

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Click the below link to find your product manual.

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To help us address your inquiry as quickly as possible, please include the following in your email:

  • Your name
  • Contact number
  • Product model or serial number
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